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On Purchasing Art

Posted By on June 22, 2013 in art | 0 comments

It has happened all too many times to creative professionals. Someone asks for a piece of work to be created especially for them and when they get the quote for said piece their jaw drops. The disconnect between artists and patron results from society’s dependence on factory made goods. Of course, when corporations are buying materials in bulk and have minimal labor expenses since machines do the majority of the work, they can afford to offer there products to the public at minimal costs. In keeping with that theme, their products become cliché, boring, and cheap in both price and quality.
Buying or commissioning fine art is like buying a vehicle. The better quality the materials, the more skilled the creator, and the more unique it is, the more expensive it becomes. In my opinion, first and foremost you must buy what you love, regardless of names. Don’t buy a doodle by Picasso just because it’s a Picasso. Buy it because you love it. On the other hand, don’t expect for emerging artists to sell their work for the same price as art reproductions in furniture stores. Most of the time, that price wont even cover materials.
Art is an investment in the quality of your environment which when improved elevates your self confidence. The most attractive trait in the human species is confidence. Invest in yourself.

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