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Art, music, drama, science, geography, mathematics, philosophy, dance and inspiration.
The Greek goddess Mnemosyne, goddess of clarification birthed the nine muses of the arts, literature, and sciences. Emerging Dallas fashion designers Francesca Viamonte and Jerry Matthews call upon nine modern day muses each season to inspire their designs. Hence the collection’s name, Nine Muses.

Nine Muses debuted their winter collection at the Fashion and Film 2013 in Dallas, TX, where the superior craftsmanship, materials, and attention to detail radiated off of each piece. To wear anyone of the designs is to state sophistication, confidence, strength, feminine grace and sensuality.
Jerry and Francesca met at the Art Institute of Dallas where they immediately became friends and each other’s biggest fan. When they began to work together, they found that they complimented one another and had one major influence in common, “mama muses”. Both of their mothers are fashionistas and shopaholics, so growing up Jerry and Francesca would tag along on the many shopping trips. Jerry was fortunate that his father was in the Navy. He was introduced to high fashion all over the world (namely in Tokyo) at an early age. Francesca on the other hand grew up in Venezuela where her mother introduced her not to just high fashion, but also immersed her in Fine art and music.
Because of their “mama muses” tutelage, both designers are obsessed with quality in both material and construction. Their favorite fabric is silk 4 ply due to the way it beautifully drapes the body, its thickness, and the way it feels on the skin. The way they construct each piece creates beauty inside and out. Attention to detail elevates Nine Muses from clothing to a work of art. I look forward to watching Jerry and Francesca blossom in the world of high fashion. Their nine muses have only begun to whisper…
20130706-194045.jpgAll pieces of the Nine Muses collection can be purchased at
Nine Muses will also participate in this year’s 2013 Fashion for Passion on October 12, at the Dallas Contemporary. Click on the link for more information.

Photos by Nicollette Mollet

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