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Mizani: More Than Hair Care

Posted By on August 14, 2013 in Fashion, Wellness | 0 comments

20130817-145717.jpgAfter spending two days at the JCPenney headquarters, assisting a stylist training by Mizani, I realized there is a huge elephant room when it comes to hair. The only reason for the elephant is a lack of education on all sides. That is where Mizani’s experts come in. According to them, there is no such thing as good hair or bad hair. The differences are the protein/moisture balance, the curl type, and if the hair is natural or treated. It’s sunny even patent the curl type chart to give hairstylists and the public a universal vocabulary to use which helps prevent misunderstandings and offensive phrases. I have a curl type one, and the products have been working for my hair. They also smell good. My favorite thing about Mizani is their commitment to display all hair with the best energy and light possible. Everyone has good hair. Now Mr. Elephant, you may kindly leave the room.


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