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Love Your Feet, Buy Italian

Posted By on May 29, 2013 in Fashion, Wellness | 0 comments

We all do it. Go into a store, find something we like, and about fall over when we see the price. Yet, when it comes to shoes, it pays to invest. Why? Well for one your feet, knees and back, will thank you for it. Take care of your body now, make an investment in the shoes you purchase, and you have more cash to spend on shoes because you wont be spending it at the doctor’s office due to your shoes. Also, shoes that are made with quality materials, cuts, and stitching will last decades and will look amazing for decades.
The most renowned shoe designers are from Italy, with the Spanish in a close second. They take great care in designing their shoes to compliment the foot in both style and comfort using only quality materials.
So, where can you find a large selection of different Italian shoe designers? Gregory’s. Located in Northpark Center in Dallas,TX, Gregory’s has one of the most comprehensive selection of Italian shoe designers in the Dallas Ft Worth Metroplex. This includes sneaker booties! The owner has a ongoing relationship with each of the designers, visiting their workshops on a regular basis. So, you know he gets the quality goods 🙂 But, don’t take my word for it and go try on a pair or 5 for yourself!





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