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Deborah Gaspar: Bringing Nature’s Timeless Beauty to Your Lifestyle

Posted By on June 14, 2013 in art, Fashion, Jewelry | 0 comments

Timeless. Practical. Versatile. Beautiful. Confident. All of these and more describe the master crafted jewelry of Deborah Gaspar. Her love affair with beautiful natural stones like mother of pearl, jade and turquoise, and metals such as twisted brass and gun metal chains develops an air of earthy sophistication.

Primarily self taught, Deborah first found her talent 10 years ago through creating new necklaces, belts, bracelets and earrings from old jewelry. She discovered very quickly there is a market for her creations and began to source mother of pearl and other stones for brand new designs.
All of Deborah’s pieces are created powwow style in her studio with Co-designer Katie Kirkland and her assistant Madison Carrier. A true artist she thinks most clearly in the organized chaos of stones, links, and tools.

I had the pleasure of first meeting Deborah when Jonah Gilmore brought me and Danielle Brown in to style Blaine’s Color: 6th Annual Hair Color Preview at Sisu in Dallas, TX. Danielle and I used about a 100 different pieces of Deborah’s jewelry to create 20 different looks. Deborah was so nice when she popped her head in to say hello, I requested to meet with her again for this article on I absolutely love that her goal is to bring nature’s timeless beauty to our lifestyles. An earthy sophistication that promotes confident beauty and strength. Her pieces are versatile where as belts can be necklaces or bracelets and vice versa. They are also practical they can be worn to work or on the red carpet. Stars such as Katie Couric, Tia Carrera, “Tabitha” from “Bewitched”, and even Justin Timberlake (the masculine collection) wear Deborah’s creations. Even better, she makes only so many dupliactes of each design making them personal and exclusive.

Three of her belt designs were sold in theNeiman Marcus catalogue and online during her first year in business. Then her collections were sold in Saks Fifth Ave for 7 years there after.
She now has a collection in Bandana Aspen in Aspen, CO, and will be expanding to the west coast. July 13th, 2013 Deborah is participating in the Trunk show at the José Eber Salon in Beverly Hills, CA.
Then in mid August, she will begin to participate in many trunk shows at Neiman Marcus stores around the country, including right here in Dallas.
It was such a pleasure to meet Deborah Gaspar. I hope to work with her for years to come.

20130613-111321.jpg Katie Couric

20130613-111329.jpg Tia Carrera

20130613-111347.jpg Deborah Gaspar, José Eber


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