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Bladi Duran

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Bladi Duran

It takes a lot to impress me when it comes to fashion, so undoubtedly it is very rare when an emerging designer blows me away. Bladi Duran has done just that. I first saw his collection during the Color.Colour.Colores. fashion show held on October 26, 2013. The following Tuesday we met up for dinner in Dallas, TX to discuss his collection and inspirations.

Bladi started out as a fine artist. He experimanted with all kinds of different Media from painting to sculpture to fibers. Everything seemed to leave him wanting. He made custom fit jeans during college to make some extra cash, and from there began draping fabric around dress forms. Unexpectedly, Bladi found his most comprehensive mode of expression. High fashion.

Immediately he began looking at different magazines finding the designers who would inspire his creative process. Alexander McQueen’s exuberance and dramatic macabre and Oscar de la Renta’s elegance and choice of fabrics are evident in Bladi’s cocktail dresses and evening gowns. The beauty and elegance of nature and the opulence of Spanish royalty provide deep passion.

Women who wear Bladi’s collection are works of art. They are secure, brave, confident, powerful, and beautiful and elegant. His focus on producing garments designed to flatter and fit comfortably combined with his obsession of quality materials and construction can only permit a woman to be a goddess.

In the world of high fashion and courture, Bladi Duran will soon be a household name.

To make a private appointment contact Bladi at or by phone 817.879.5249

Photos are provided by Sukilynn

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